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The Half -Trakehner Horse

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*  All horses are currently in training according to their age and abilities.


* The youngest, Bella is a superb young lady and is coming on really well with her training.


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* Currently we have: 8 boxes, 1 free roaming barn,

an indoor and an outdoor manege for schooling.


* The horses in our care are free to roam and play

 over 30 acres of grazing land.


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Owing to its thoroughbred ancestry, the Trakehner has a rectangular build, with a long sloping shoulder, powerful hind quarters, short cannons and a medium-long, crested and well-set neck. The head is often finely chiseled, narrow at the muzzle, with a broad forehead. It is known for its ‘floating trot’, being full of impulsion and suspension. Reaching up to 17 hands, Trakehners are athletic and trainable, with good endurance.


As a competition horse though, the pure Trakehner can sometimes be hampered by temperamental problems. But the number of competition horses with a percentage of Trakehner blood is countless for it is the spirit of this breed that helps make them so successful. It is this quality that is most desirable in warmblood breeding.


Our dams are KWPN and Danish Warmblood. Our youngsters display the best qualities of both sides of their lineage. They are strong, resilient and dependable, with beautiful lines and movement, and they all have exceptional temperaments. Bred and reared with expertise, diligence and sensitive handling our Half Trakehners make perfect sports horses for dressage, show jumping or cross country.


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